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Do you feel...


  • there's no one to share your fears, doubts and needs with?

  • trapped and isolated at home?

  • sick of the same four walls and

daytime television?

  • you have to be a Blue Badge

holder to be disabled?

  • clubs aren't for you as you're

too young or not eligible?

  • you have additional needs to assist you in getting about?

  • you want to break out?

  • you want to get away?

  • you want some laughs?

  • you want to make new friends?

Guildford Club for Disabled

is something you may never have thought possible...

A helping hand...


A wide ranging variety of entertainment is laid on for most Thursday afternoons. In addition, the club provides half and full day trips throughout the year.

The entertainment includes singers, talks, quizzes, trips to garden centres, outings and visits, bingo, raffles and bring and buy and anything else the members might like to suggest.

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